The finest quality frozen bakery products

More than a bakery

Grand Duet is an independent, autonomous bakery with over 35 years of unique knowledge and experience relating to dough. We offer a complete and diverse assortment of bakery products for both retail and food service. Based on our four pillars, we constantly develop new innovative concepts for the trendsetters in the market.

Our concepts

Our focus

  • Consumer insights
  • New product development
  • Custom work and flexibility
  • Short time-to-market

The process

'Custom made' products

Grand Duet distinguishes itself by offering custom work. This is the only way in which we can fulfil the specific wishes and needs of the critical consumer. View our whole product assortment.

Our products

"I'm proud that many people eat bread every day that's made by me."

Henk Flinsenberg

Henk Flinsenberg